• “Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that are exchanged electronically,” Georgia.
  • Businesses in Georgia are still not allowed to accept cryptos as payment.

In a groundbreaking milestone for the cryptocurrency space, Georgia has become the first country in its region to treat cryptocurrency transactions in the same way as foreign currencies. A report by Bitcoin.com indicates the minister of finance Nodar Khaduri signed into law a bill that exempts value-added tax (VAT) from being imposed on crypto transactions.

According to a definition by Georgia government:

“Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that are exchanged electronically and based on a decentralized network. Their exchange does not require a reliable intermediary and they are managed using distributed ledger technology.”

While this a huge step for the cryptocurrency community in Georgia, Khaduri emphasized that the tax exemption is only applicable for fiat-to-crypto transactions. This does not mean that cryptos are lawful ledger; it is only that the government is treating them as foreign currency.

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