An important aspect of cryptocurrency is the beginning of a new one, one way this can be done is through an ICO or Initial Coin Offering. This term used to be quite obscure a few years ago, with only certain business and IT companies engaging in the development or research of new technologies or the implementation of promising projects having heard of it.

The preparation and execution of an ICO is a complex and lengthy process with many potential problems along the way. ICO marketing can also be extremely difficult, with some companies getting lost in describing the technology and infrastructure of cryptocurrency, a technology that enables faster, more secure and more reliable payments. When ICOs were first introduced, this was even more complex process, since potential investors had a very low understanding of cryptocurrencies and how they work.

Marketing can often be too hard to understand, as they don’t speak the investors’ language, with many people not understanding what the ICO is all about. Noise Communications is a startup that works hard at fixing some fundamental problems seen in ICO marketing. They like to keep it simple, and go straight to the point in a fun, entertaining, and innovative manner. They do this both offline and online, from website development to creating a mobile app, allowing people to stay with their audience at all times.

Their website says, “Our marketing strategy has helped build close relationships with major distribution media channels and publications. This shows how easily we will help you gain press coverage for Initial Coin Offerings to help you increase your profits. These relationships are not built from paid placements which can be unreliable and very expensive but they are built through our several media contacts who work for these media companies and our consistent pitching.”

With several years under their belt, over 55 happy clients and 112 campaigns, Noise Communications are experienced in using SEO and making digital campaigns, focusing on brand mentions on top-tier publications, an especially vital tool for establishing a new cryptocurrency against their competition. The world market has really changed over the years, therefore, getting the right audience’s attention is key. An editorial positioning shapes the ICO and helps them to position themselves in the market at large.

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